Venue Booking System

Our web based system allows customers to quickly and easily view venues, their availability, make a booking and seamlessly process their payment.

Released Q1 2017


Customer Experience

Allows customers to make bookings 24/7
Provides round the clock convenience for customers, who may want to make a booking at 10pm at night on their iPhone

Improved staff utilisation

  • Less time spent taking phone calls
  • Less time spent processing payments
  • Remove repetitive tasks with our workflow automation

Better venue management/utilisation

  • Get a clear view of exactly what’s happening inside of your venue and when in real time
  • Full Reporting capabilities
  • Gain insights to your venue usage at high level or transactional details
  • Finance details

Financial comfort

  • Fully secured platform, PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) compliance via payment gateway
  • No more taking credit card numbers over the phone or on paper
  • Reconciliation reporting

Less mistakes and repetitive tasks

With our cusomisable workflow you can automatically route task to the correct staff when a booking is created.
Prevent crazy last minute scrambles

Unique Features

  • Allow customers to book street parties
  • Powerful search by metadata (venue features)
  • Data entry @ super speed

Screen Samples


Designed for councils

Keeps everyone on the same page in real-time; effectively ending those moments where everyone is working off of separate documents and calendars

Payment management

Deposits, bonds, payments and refunds can be done in a few simple clicks

Flexible Pricing

Customise your rates by venue, time, booking type and more. Mold the system to fit your venues and how your employees operate, and make things quicker, easier, more manageable.


Your own branding, colour themes and logo. Add your own custom fields and venue data. Customisable email templates, T&Cs

Impressive Image gallery

Showcase your venues and maximize sales


Full history of all communication with your clients and audit trail

Availability calendar

Searching for an availability is simple, ability to add special opening hours for holidays, flexible setup.

Responsive design

Mobile phone and tablet friendly.

Approvals and workflow management

Set Notifications and Alerts for Special Considerations.

Customer centric design

Created to be easy to use so they can complete 100% of the booking online without having to pick up the phone to ask a question


Compliant with all relevant federal and state regulations/legislation. WCAG 2.0, Digital Record Keeping, Privacy Act, etc


Variety of operational, financial, exception and management reports available